Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our services and applications, and the Foreclosure process

General Questions

Is it available on my device?

We strive to make our applications as mobile friendly as possible, and support the latest browsers. So long as you're using a somewhat recent, standard browser, you shouldn't experience any issues with our app.

What is the best way to contact a motivated seller?

Many people like to do mail campaigns. Personally, I am a believer in making personal contact when possible. Our leads provide the information you need to find the homeowner. If you can knock on a door or call them, you will have more success than you will with a mailer. If you do mail, you should utilize our Saved Case file section and do a drip campaign, sending more than one correspondence over a period of time.

If my profile is public will anyone be able to see the deals I am saving in My Saved Casefiles?

No. Your searches, files, and comments on cases are all specific to your secure login. People will only be able to see the information you want them to see.

How can I skip trace multiple homeowners for telephone numbers at one time?

Most of the leading skip trace companies will accept a mail merge file for their convenience. You can download your search and send them the file. They will return the telephone numbers.

Will I be charged full price if I add an additional county or list?

No. You can add to your subscription at any time. You will be charged the prorated amount through to the end of your subscription and the discount for multiple counties or additional lists will be calculated as well.

Why was I asked if my profile is public or private when I signed up?

We are implementing a Community within the Aquestor platform. You can choose to keep your profile private. No one in our network will be able to contact you. If you decide to make it public you will become part of our Community allowing you to be found by others within our network who are looking for someone with your expertise. You will be able to identify yourself by profession or multiple professions. You will also be able to contact others in our Community who you may need to help you in your pursuit.

Why don't people who work for Aquestor invest when you have access to all the leads first?

We have always believed the only way to have integrity in our data is to be certain no one in our employ invests. We are in the data business only. We do not offer preferential treatment or cherry pick properties. All the foreclosure, eviction and probate cases are entered as soon as they are redacted.

How many people are getting the same leads?

Our subscribers are extremely diverse, using the same leads for very different reasons. We have attorney's, mortgage brokers, Credit repair companies, Estate Sale Companies, Buy Here Pay Here Auto Sales, Lawn Maintenance Companies. Each looking the same leads in very different ways. Not all of our customers are your competition. If you work your leads diligently, you will not have to worry about the other people in the market.

How does your recurring billing work?

We have prices for Three, Six or Twelve-month subscriptions. There are deeper discounts for longer periods of time. Successful investors find it more economical to sign up for six months or a year where others prefer to be charged every three months. It is just a matter of personal preference. You can cancel at any time but there are refunds for unused time. If you do not buy properties regularly, the three-month subscription would be best. If you are always looking for your next deal the discount offered for the annual subscription would be best.

Why don't you provide telephone numbers?

We only provide telephone numbers that we are certain are correct. Those are included on the eviction cases. In an eviction, the Plaintiff generally adds their telephone number when the case if filed so we know it is correct. We are not as lucky with Probate and Foreclosure. Skip trace companies will not offer any guarantees on accuracy. Often times several numbers will be provided for one person. You would have to call all of them to get the right one. We will not offer telephone numbers unless we can get them as accurately as we get addresses.

Foreclosure Questions

How long is a homeowner in default before the bank begins the foreclosure process?

The timeline varies but the average time frame is three to six months. The bank will file a Lis Pendens, which is the beginning of the foreclosure proceeds. The complaint and summons are created at the same time as the LP.

Are there any guarantees regarding clear title when you buy a house at the foreclosure sale?

There are no guarantees. It is strongly suggested that you do your due diligence prior to bidding at the foreclosure sale. The mortgage in foreclosure could be a second mortgage. The first mortgage is not in jeopardy of losing their position so they may not be named in the complaint. If you do not do a title search you could find yourself upside down if you did not calculate the amount of the first mortgage,

How long after a probate is filed would you suggest we contact the heirs?

We collect the probate cases as soon as they are filed. We also provide the date of death. That is the date you need to use to determine when to contact the heirs. Often the heirs do not file the probate immediately. If the date of death is months or years before the file date you should contact the heirs as soon as possible, If the person is recently deceased you should give the family a respectable period of time before contacting them. There is a fine line between too soon and too late. This is a personal opinion with no right or wrong answer. Always be mindful that your intent is to be of service to the heirs to assist them in resolving an issue with a property that are left with. If you approach the heirs with compassion and kindness it will likely be received as such making the timeline a moot point.

Can a homeowner redeem their property after the foreclosure sale?

No. There is no right of redemption in the State of Florida for the homeowner. They can make arrangements with the bank prior to 11:00 the day of the sale but not after the sale the only thing a homeowner can do is object to the sale with cause. That will prevent the title from being issued until the objection is heard by the court.

Can a homeowner sell their property after the foreclosure process begins?

Yes. The homeowner can sell the property. It is still their property. If you are working with the homeowner you should be mindful of the proceedings by checking the court docket. Be sure your sale is prior to a foreclosure auction. If a sale is scheduled you will want to contact the attorney. Do not assume the bank will communicate with the attorney. Be pro-active. Better safe than sorry.

What would I do with an eviction file? If the tenant isn’t paying rent why would I be interested?

Unlike foreclosures, in an eviction the motivated seller is the Plaintiff, not the defendant. The homeowner is the Plaintiff. Often times people think they want to be a landlord until they run into hard times with a tenant. That is when they will be motivated to sell. HINT... If they tell you they own multiple properties and do not want to sell, you can ask if they would like to be contacted in the future if you have properties to sell.

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