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AQUESTOR helps you increase your success rate. Here’s how!

AQUESTOR is the only data provider who compiles case files at the time of filing.  This is done to ensure our users can be the first ones to the door.  The sooner a homeowner is contacted, the more of a chance you have of helping them and creating a positive outcome for them and you. […]

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Pod Cast Live

Brandon Reed founder of Real Estate for the Rrst of Us,  invited me to be a guest on his Podcast.  Brandon is the host dedicating his time to bringing information to people starting out in the Real Estate investment world. Our goal at Aquestor has always been to educate newcomers to help them invest safely. […]

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Know the facts about foreclosure

Recently a homeowner asked if they have to maintain their property that is in foreclosure.  It is common for homeowners to be angry and damage the property or simply fail to keep up basic maintenance.  Many of these homeowners are sadly unaware that they have options that can help them retain the property and/or their […]

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Your name doesn’t have to be Morgan

You can be an advocate for the people without being a Morgan or an attorney for that matter.  Our customers help homeowners everyday.  Homeowners who are in desperate situations are motivated to sell.  When you understand the motivation, you are able to find them and help them resolve their situation.  That does not mean you […]

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Welcome to our blog...

I am excited to have a place to answer your questions and bring you the success stories of the many people who have helped homeowners throughout the Central Florida area.  It is with great pride that Aquestor has been able to offer valuable information to the people who have the knowledge and expertise to find […]

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