July 1, 2019

AQUESTOR helps you increase your success rate. Here’s how!

AQUESTOR is the only data provider who compiles case files at the time of filing.  This is done to ensure our users can be the first ones to the door.  The sooner a homeowner is contacted, the more of a chance you have of helping them and creating a positive outcome for them and you.  It is always a win win when you help a homeowner.  All of us together are their advocates during some of the most challenging times of their lives.  As such, AQUESTOR gets the pertinent information to you and you do what you can with it to assist them.
We take pride in the success of our clientele and do what ever we can to ensure your success rate.   If you are as diligent searching our data as we are providing it, your success rate would increase dramatically.
We have been surveying website usage.  It has come to our attention that many people are not access the data as recommended to achieve maximum results.
The customers who access their accounts only once a month or less are less likely realize their full potential.  Our thirty plus years in business has offered us the intel we need to assist you as well as the people you serve.  We have found when the data is available as soon as possible the success rate is much higher, which is why we do our research as soon as the cases are filed, not later after recording.  Getting to the homeowners soon after the filing enables you to meet them when they are most motivated.
The old saying that the early bird gets the worm is exactly the right metaphor for this situation.
If your searches on AQUESTOR are not daily or every few days, than you are missing out on that very important window of time reducing the impact of the data.
Let’s work together to help as many people as possible.  Isn’t that what this is all about?
Please contact me with any questions regarding the best marketing strategies and website usage.
Together we can do great things!

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