April 17, 2019

Your name doesn’t have to be Morgan

You can be an advocate for the people without being a Morgan or an attorney for that matter.  Our customers help homeowners everyday.  Homeowners who are in desperate situations are motivated to sell.  When you understand the motivation, you are able to find them and help them resolve their situation.  That does not mean you are profiting from someone’s hardship.  If you are unfair or offer a lowball price, not offering them a fair amount is taking advantage.  I’ll give you an example.  A neighbor of mine was in foreclosure.  She had $80,000 in equity in her home.  She was refinancing but her foreclosure showed up on the sale calendar before the new mortgage was in place.  That brought interested parties to her door.  One in particular was a very new, inexperienced Realtor.  He offered her $1500 in exchange for her deed.  He said he would stop her foreclosure which in turn would fix her credit.  That was untrue.  He also advised her that her equity was not hers because she was in default.  Also, not true.  Had she not known her rights, his scare tactics would likely have worked when he told her all would be lost if she did not take the $1500 from him. There are so many good people in our community of investors.  We have to be the good ones.  We have to be the ones to offer assistance.  There is enough money in these deals for fairness.

Be the one to offer a hand up.  There is money to be made but being fair will get you a smile of appreciation, a hug of gratitude and the knowledge you helped someone move on from a devastating time in their lives.  Money comes and goes but the feeling of doing the right thing will never leave you.

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